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Who We Are

Operation Change | Chicago, is a non-profit, community-based organization that seeks to impact arthritis and co-morbidity disparities at the community level. We provide nutritional information, health-related materials, and professional health development workshops to meet the needs of individuals and communities.

About Us

As a community health program, we aim to capitalize on a critical opportunity for positive behavior modification in individuals who suffer from chronic conditions such as diabesity (diabetes+obesity) and joint pain. Using a holistic approach, Operation Change | Chicago:

  • Is community-driven and grassroots-oriented because it was developed and tailored based on a needs assessment that was conducted from the perspective of the community;
  • Targets the uniquely burdened and underserved communities of African American and Hispanic/Latino women; and
  • Integrates weekly, structured physical activity with culturally tailored patient education sessions focusing on mental health; social support; nutrition; healthcare provider presentations about preventing chronic conditions, primary care, and health literacy; access to care; and community health workers.


The Goals of Operation Change | Chicago are to improve participants’:

  • Level of self-confidence, so that they can achieve their individual health goals;
  • Frequency, duration, and intensity of physical activity and movement; and
  • Health literacy around issues such as, but not limited to, joint health, obesity, depression, and nutrition.

At Operation Change | Chicago, we are “Causing Healthy Communities.”

Our target audience is African American and Hispanic/Latino women ages 35 and up

Our major focus: Preventative Measures for Diabetes and Arthritis

OCC program components include empowering, healing and motivating participants via the following topics:

  • Health literacy
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise/Movement
  • Mentorship
  • Building self confidence and self esteem
  • Educational speakers and doctors
  • Healthcare disparities
  • Mental Health (overcoming depression)
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